Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?

Lititz is a small town with limited parking. On Saturdays, the parking lots for local businesses who work Monday-Friday are open and available for Lititz Chocolate Walkers.

The two most accessible are behind Lititz Mutual Insurance at 2 North Broad Street and the Penn Medicine/LGH parking lot behind 26 North Cedar Street, along the stream on the north side of Main Street. If those are full, the Warwick High School parking lot is one block west of downtown at 301 West Orange Street. Access from Warwick High School is through Lititz Springs Park.

Where do I go for ticket pick-up?

For tickets ordered on-line or by mail, you may pick them up the morning of the Walkbeginning at 9 a.m. at the Lititz Welcome Center/Train Station, which is located at the entrance to Lititz Spring Park at 18 North Broad Street.*In the past, we had attempted to send them by mail but with lost tickets, it made the distribution complicated. Have your receipt in hand and the tickets will be there.

How am I identified as a Chocolate Walker?

You will have a collectible Lititz Chocolate Walk button that you wear proudly during the day and a punch card that MUST be presented and the correct number marked by a Lititz Chocolate Walk representative at each stop in order to receive a delicious sample. * The Lititz Chocolate Walk button helps our volunteers recognize you as you enter the shops.

Why is there a discount for in-person purchases?

One of our main goals of the Lititz Chocolate Walk is to get people to Lititz to enjoy our small town. We realize this is sometimes an effort and we enjoy rewarding this effort with the in-person discount. We understand that some people cannot make this trip and need to purchase on-line or by mail; that is why we offer this option as well at a higher cost.

What if I lose my button or punch card?

You can do the Chocolate Walk without the button but not the punch card. If you forget your card at home or lose it, you are out of luck. The punch card is your ticket to each tasting location. There have been times that someone has lost a punch card and it is found and returned to the Train Station/Welcome Center. That would be your best bet if you lose it during the Walk.

What do I need to bring for the Walk?

First of all, you will be Walking about 2 miles so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must! You will be outside most of the time, so correct clothing for the weather is important. Most experienced Chocolate Walkers bring a container to collect some of the chocolate samples as it is difficult to eat everything you are served. Finally, bring a big appetite! There are a number of the samples you need to eat the day of the Walk (ice cream for example). You can stash only so much in your container! You can bring water or something to drink if you like but there are some stops along the way that sell water.

How long does the Walk take?

If you are just interested in getting your chocolate and leaving, it can probably be done in 90 minutes. We don’t recommend this speed Chocolate Walking, however! We hope you will spend time in the charming shops and enjoy lunch at one of our fine restaurants. It is best to come early and take your time. The Walk runs from 10 am to 4 pm and a “true” Chocolate Walker will spend at least 3 or 4 hours enjoying Lititz in addition to chocolate nirvana.

Where do I start?

As long as you have your punch card, you can start at any location and go in any order. Many experienced Chocolate Walkers park at Linden Hall and do the Walk backwards. Some have done the even numbers in the morning and the odd numbers in the afternoon. The real key is to try not stand in any long lines. There are enough locations so that if there are long lines in one location, you can skip those and come back later! So visit our website a week in advance, print off the map and start your Chocolate Walk strategy!

Is there an age limit?

While most of the Chocolate Walkers are adults, there is not an age limit. All people getting samples need to have a ticket however, regardless of age. Some families swap out the locations so one person gets the samples on even numbers and the other on the odd numbers.

Why is this not all handicapped accessible?

There are many historic buildings in Lititz and some simply are not handicapped accessible. Some of these are Chocolate Walk locations. For our participants who cannot enter a shop, you can send someone in with your punch card to get the sample. More than half the locations will provide these challenges.